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① Tokenomics

Basic Token Details

$WENIS - WenisCoin

Blockchain: Solana (SOL) 

Contract Address (CA):


Token Details

Total Supply: 900,000,000 
Burned: 100,000,000
Initial Supply: 1,000,000,000 
Liquidity Locked: $124K of $461K FDV 
Locked: 100%
Owner Program: Token Program 
Update Authority: TSLvdd…t1eokM 
SolScan Token Details: Link 
KYC Verified: Assure DeFi 


The team bought a large chunk of the supply right off the bat – 8.5% has already been added back to the liquidity pool, and another 25% has been burned. Although we are not thrilled with the idea of paying people to shill our coin on twitter just for them to dump it on the good people who bought it, we have reserved around 5% of the supply for marketing purposes, or a CEX in the future.

We very much are anti-rug, anti-jeet, and pretty much anti-everything that’s scummy. So, although it probably doesn’t make you feel better, we have no intention of rugging anyone. Perhaps this can be the people’s coin. It really would be nice to tell the bankers to eat a wenis, and secure your financial freedom, wouldn’t it?

This is a meme coin. There will be no revenue. You should not expect the team to work for you to generate a return. There is no utility, there will be no partnerships. We’re all about shitposting and memes. Let’s not complicate it. Have some laughs frens, and be good to each other.

Fair Launch Origin

Fair Launch via: Pump.Fun 
Based Ethics: No paid KOLs or Presale 
Launch Date: 2022_05_04_2200 CET 

KYC via Assure DeFi

$WENIS – WenisCoin has been given a KYC tier 1 badge by Assure DeFi. Tier 1 is their highest tier and ensures “strong law enforcement with resources and capabilities to effectively legislate & pursue crypto-related cybercrime.” This includes treasury, contract and liquidity.

Proudly Verified By Assure DeFi™


$WENIS on Solana


Buy the WenisCoin

The cryptocurrency $WENIS is built on the Solana (SOL) blockchain, leveraging Solana’s high-speed and low-cost transactions. Currently, $WENIS can only be obtained by swapping SOL on a decentralized exchange (DEX) such as Raydium or Jupiter for $WENIS tokens. This means that you need to have SOL in your wallet (we suggest Phantom) and then use one of these DEX platforms to exchange your SOL for $WENIS.

$WENIS Charts

② Our Brand

A Roadmap for our Memecoin Future

Our Brand is 4 Fold

1. We dislike censorship.
I don’t think this needs to be explained, if you’re offended – you probably need to just stop looking. I mean, it’s the internet: just put your phone down bro, be a big boy. 

2. We’re not scumbags.
We believe in doing the right thing. We believe that we can operate as a community of individuals and have a lot of fun. We will behave in a transparent way. 

3. Have fun!
We are paying for free unlimited AI-generated wenises because they are hilarious and spread great enjoyment. We don’t really care if you buy our token. Come and hang out and make some funny memes to share with the world. The world needs more humor, be a partof it. Memes in their current form are very stale. This is the funniest thing to happen to memes in a very long time.

4. There is a very real possibility for carving out financial freedom for every single $WENIS holder.
Unfortunately there are too many people in the world that are making having stable finances next to impossible. Rampant inflation, debanking, governments printing trillions of fiat currency, and then giving said dollars to foreign countries (not that we’re bitter or anything) are just a few ways we’re all getting bent over. Financial freedom is possible, it just requires people to band together to create wealth in a system that the corrupt politicians cannot control. There’s no reason why WENIS can’t increase by 1000x, the competition is just a bunch of crappy memecoins, and scam projects. Battles are won or lost on culture and brand, ours is superior.

Our Logo

Official $WENIS Logo

When listing the $WENIS token, ensure to include pertinent details from our press kit for accurate representation. For updated versions or additional information, feel free to contact us at Contact@Wenis.Art.

④ Art Engine

Generate Your Wenis in Seconds

How to Make Your Wenis

Just to give you an idea of how active the community is: the screenshot was taken on the morning of day 6 since the launch of $WENIS; it shows nearly 1,000 new messages, most of which are new wenises. 

After around a month, have been around 15000 hilarious wrinkly boys generated on Telegram. Most are unique and hilarious wenis memes. Using the art engine is as simple as joining our Telegram and starting to create wenises. 

Using the art engine is as simple as joining our Telegram and starting to create wenises. 

Your Prompt Matters

Use “/image (your wenis prompt)” to create whatever your imagination enables you to. 

The above has been generated with the following prompt:

“/image hyper realistic surrealism british unicorn wenis doll with big eyes wearing couture dresses with long hair and diamond and ruby jewels sitting on a swing licking ice cream cone with pink red and gold striped clouds made of cotton candy​”

Random Wenis

Use “/random” to create random wenis memes without additional details needed.

The AI will inform you of the details it used to generate the picture, as it did for the one above. 

“Generating image for this scenario: A wenis dressed as a superhero, flying through a sunset sky with a smile, carrying a basket full of wacky tropical fruits for a picnic on cloud nine.”

⑤ Roadmap

The Future of Meme Coins

What the Community Could Accomplish

The future opportunities are endless if the community takes enjoyment and anti-censorship tendencies to the next level. Viral marketing, passion and loyalty. We think WENIS will grow organically and cannibalize the majority of cash flow from other meme coins as crypto traders love the memes and seek superior returns. 

As the community grows organically we will show how things should be: Funny. Being offensive is okay. Push those boundaries. You shouldn’t need to back down in the face of the people who are always offended. It seems like they are everywhere in the world we live in. You should be able to yell to your friend across the room “hey, don’t be such a fucking retard” without 15 woke PC nazis clamoring for you to be thrown in jail for hate speech. 

There’s no real reason for capital to stay in the other memecoins. They aren’t funny, and they are simply below average returns in the current markets. They are just the equivalent of stale boomer coins now. 

Join our community.
We’re retards just like you.

AI generated wenises are waiting for you.
Come pay our Telegram Channel a visit.


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